Let’s face it – your theory test was a long time ago. And you’ve probably forgotten what’s fully legal and what isn’t. Just like any group full of people in a room, drivers pick up bad habits from each other on the road. So today we’re going to look at the top 10 illegal driving practices. These aren’t about mobile phone use or drinking and driving, these are the smallest things we barely think about.

Get your reading caps on and start becoming conscious of when you break the law:

  1. Overtasking near a pedestrian crossing

It’s simple enough, there’s a car stopped by a pedestrian crossing and as you approach the light turns green. It would be easy to use your current speed to simply overtake the car in front. Don’t do it, it is illegal. And for good reason – what if the other car is concealing another pedestrian.

  1. Parking too close to a junction

Within 10 meters to be specific. You make yourself a hazard, and add difficulty to any drivers who want to turn out or in. It’s illegal so don’t do it.

  1. Flashing your lights to give way

Probably one of the most common offenses. We’re all guilty of giving a quick flash to the approaching vehicle to let them know we’re waiting for them to come through. It’s almost become the universal signal for ‘hey, I’m waiting’. However while most drivers will interpret it correctly, others might not – especially if they’re foreign. Reserve flashing your headlights for when there’s an actual hazard in the way!

  1. Using your phone as a sat nav without some sort of brace. While there’s no law against using your phone as a sat nav, you aren’t actually allowed to touch your phone at any given point. So make sure you invest in a phone holder or brace which allows you to go hands-free.
  2. Parking on the pavement, even partially. A common offense and one that’s easy to do if you’re in a rush and need to find somewhere to park your car. If your vehicle is causing pedestrian inconvenience then you’re committing a driving offense and could be fined quite heavily.
  3. Using the horn between 11.30 PM and 7 AM in a built up area. It’s self-explanatory really – you’re disturbing the neighborhood. Use your phone and make a call to get someone’s attention.

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