Fireworks, bonfires and gunpowder- 5ths of Novembers are always one to remember. While many look forward to the evening of sparkles by putting on firework shows or family bonfires its important to remember the law at all times.

Needless to say, the law on fireworks is there to protect us and done right, bonfire night can be special. Done wrong, it can be fatal.

This starts from the initial sale of the fireworks – who can buy them?

You can only buy fireworks if you’re over 18 – and you can only set them off at certain times.

Fireworks come in 4 categories – the first of which includes items such as party poppers that can be used by children with the supervision of adults.

The second and third categories can only be used by adults

And the fourth can only be used by trained professionals.

So where can I set them off?

The law states you must not set off fireworks on the street or in public places without obtaining a license. This law includes sparklers.

It is best to set them off in a large back garden – leaving plenty of room for you to stand back while they go off.

When can I set them off?

On normal days, you cannot set off fireworks after 11 PM and not before 7 AM.

However, on bonfire night, the last chance to let off some night sky sparklers is midnight.

This is further extended on days like Diwali, new years and Chinese new year, where the last firework can legally go off at 1 AM.

Local councils also have more regulation in place, so take a look at what your local council has to say about fireworks in your area.

Where can I buy fireworks from?

For most of the year, you can only buy fireworks from licenced shops. However, at times of high demand, this law changes and you can buy from registered sellers for your own private use.

The windows to buy from these sellers occurs between:

Remember, the law is there to make sure you’re protected at all times, and you the health and safety of others are also protected. So naturally, there are penalties for breaking these laws.

And they are as follows:

You can be fined up to £5,000 or even imprisoned for up to six months for using or selling fireworks illegally.