DWS attends One Family Global Charity Iftaar

DWS attended the One Family Global Charity Iftaar at The Savoy London on Wednesday evening. The iftaar hosted by Awakening Records was to raise funds for One Family Global which aims to combat child trafficking.

The star-studded evening saw the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Naughty boy and Aamir Khan attend.

DWS bid £6,000 to win a spend a day on set with Lindsay Lohan on Thursday.

The evening was presented by BBC journalist and news presenter, Asad Ahmad, and BT Sport presenter, Reshmin Chowdhury and had a live performance from the charity’s co-founder Maher Zain.

The Only Family aim is to “brings fans and followers, celebrity ambassadors, and high-profile personalities together on digital and social platforms, and empowers them to bring about meaningful change in the world”

They charity is based purely online, focusing its effort on using social media and other digital to source funds

To read more about their work, visit their website here: https://onefamily.org.uk/about


Meeting Lindsay Lohan at One Family

DWS with Amir Khan

Our Team on set with Lindsay Lohan

Our CEO ready to spend the day on set