Separation or divorce are staging times for families and especially If there are children involved. Keeping them out of all affairs can be hard task and can prove challenging for both parents especially if one parent feels the other us it blame.

The divorce proceedings can be difficult, but after the event can be even more challenging. What is one parent decides they no longer want to have any contact with their children?

This isn’t a rare case, but often has sound reasoning such as poor mental health, drug or alcohol issues, or financial difficulty.

As a parent left with task of having to be the only one can be tough, but there are ways you can pursue to ensure your children have a relationship with their parent:

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What if this doesn’t work?

One must bear in mind that no one can have a relationship with their child unless they want to, and aside form that they cannot be forced. However, obtaining legal advice on what the next steps should be is a good idea, you can event take the matter to court with evidence of all you’ve done to try and make the relationship work.

What is the potential impact of no contact?

The impact of not having one party present, or within contact can only be judged by the individual case. However, not having one parent has been proven to have serious psychological impact and detrimental effect on children. It have an impact of developing a healthy emotional outlook on life. Being devoid of one parents ‘s company can leave children lacking support, guidance and role models and can leave behind trauma that is only found later on in life.

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