Life support for children

After a long court battle, judges have finally come to the decision that if doctors think it is best to remove a child from life support they can do so. Even if the decision goes against the parents’ wishes.

The ruling comes after parents of baby Charlie campaigned to have him kept on life support so they could then have a procedure for his potential treatment by US doctors.

However, doctors, nurses and a neurologist from Great Ormond Street hospital were against the decision to do so. They believed that the treatment would only have a very short, temporary cure to Charlie’s condition: mitochondrial disease. It causes muscle weakness and brain damage.


Abuse conviction overturned for deceased man

For the first time in England, a deceased man was charged with 10 child sexual abuse related offences.

Darren Turk took his own life during the trial – but it continued after his death and lead to his conviction.

However, his family were not happy with the decision to do so. Three judges said that the verdicts were wrongfully returned and they have since been annulled.

Turk was the head of care at boarding school at the time when the offences.


Pupil absence during term time

More than 20,000 people have been taken to court because they failed to ensure their child was at school.

Parents who took their children out for school without permission during term time were subject to fines, community sentence and even prison according to official Ministry of Justice figures.

There has been a steady increase in the number of prosecutions since 2013 when legislation was implemented to crack down on parents pulling out children from school for holidays.

Holiday can now only be granted by headteachers for exceptional circumcentres such as funerals and bereavement.

Pulling children out of school is tempting for parents as ticket and holiday prices are much cheaper compared to the inflated prices of holiday date.


Paedophile hunters allowed to continue

A court ruling has ruled to allow people to continue to pose as children online to catch child sexual predators.

2 men that were caught by a vigintile group put together a case against them, stating that they should be regulated and that they ‘diminished the integrity of the court process”.

However, the judge dismissed that case and said there were no legal requirements.