2017 has been a year of new law, changes to the law and more.
Next year we can look forward to further changes most of which will be helpful to social change.
National Wage Rise
A hurrah for most employees, as minimum wages will be expected to rise in April. The new national living wage is the government’s newest scheme to help the ‘hardworking’. Hourly rates for those over the age of 25 will increase by 33p. going from £7.50 to £7.83. they’ll also be increases for those under 25, in the 21-24 bracket as well as the 18-20 bracket. The apprentice wage will also increase to £3.70.
Lower Heating Bills
April has another major law coming into action. All privately rented properties will be expected to be of an energy standard ‘E’. essentially this should make them all more energy efficient as landlords will be forced to fit energy saving methods. This should have a knock-on effect on heating bills as private renters should see their usage decrease in time winter. This new law also comes with a hefty fine for landlords to fail to comply. A £4,000 fine will be imposed.
Gender Pay Gap data
The big data reveal – corporations will now be forced to disclose information regarding the payment of their employees – and state the gender of each.
This is the government’s effort to collate data on the gender pay gap and tackle it head-on. The forced disclosure should act as a huge deterrent to companies that are having a direct impact on widening the gap.
Animal rights
After a series of high profile cases this year, that saw judges want to give tougher sentences the law has been changed to grant more flexibility.
It currently stands at 6-month imprisonment, but that is due to increase to a maximum six-year sentence sometime next year.
A headache for many large corporations – but the new general data protection regulations are the updated data protection rules. They impose further and more stringent guildies as to when and how data can be collected. It also forces companies to record this. The hope is that customers will be protected and companies will take more steps to ensure data protection with the ever-increasing rise in cyber attacks.
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