New Smoking laws May

No more branded products

All products will now be packaged in the world’s ugliest colour, a ‘drab dark brown’ – there will be no reference of the brand, logos, or promotional images.

The worlds ugliest colour was found last year, and since has been used to discourage others form buying cigarettes.

They also have to be 65% covered in health warnings, which must include graphic images. Such as tar-stained lungs.

Even if some merchants have stock, they will be unable to sell them from May 21st 2017.

Minimum 20 cigarettes

Packs of 10 cigarettes will no longer be available to buy, only minimum packs of 20. The move is been made to allow deter younger smokers from buying cigarettes as they will hit hardest by the rise. The cheapest packet will come at £9.

Menthol Cigarettes

Experts argued that menthol cigarettes allowed smoking to be either for younger people as they disguise the smell of smoke as well the flavour of the smoke – which then cover how dangerous they are.

Therefore the government had ruled that from the 20th may – menthol and other flavoured cigarettes will no longer be sold

Rolling tobacco

Rolling tabbaco will also not be sold in package smaller than 30 grams. Just like the cigarette packets, they are there to discourage younger smokers. From the 21st may smaller packs will no longer be sold.

There was huge resentment from big tobacco firms who were against the plain packaging – stating that the government had a disproportionate amount of control over their business without providing them with any compensation.

They raised over 17 points to the court of appeal. All of which were dismissed, after a weeklong trial.

Dissatisfied with the result, the firms went to the Supreme Court in overturn the ruling. However they declined to hear the case, meaning that the laws are now firmly in place.

Breaching the law could carry a sentence of two years.


New vaping laws have also come into force that have been put into place to restrict vaping uses.

These new laws include a cap of cartridge sizes and refill containers. It also bans added vitmains, caffeine and other additives.

Manufactures must also ensure they’re child resistant in the way they are designed, and health warnings should cover 30% of all packs.

They also cannot describe the taste or smell of the cigarettes either.

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