Trading Standards are a government service that make sure that consumers are protected from unfair trading and allow them to successfully support businesses that are legitimate.

They are there to enforce fair trading, monitor product safety, make sure age limits and restrictions are correct in place, combat illegal and also make sure all weights and measures are enforced.

The TSO have to investigate complaints from consumers and then prosecute or hold business accountable.

You should report to TSO if you feel that:

If you were told an item of service would be able to do a certain number of things and doesn’t perform them you should complain. You’ve been falsely misled by advertising and the TSO will act.

If the item you brought caused physical harm such as sharp edges on a baby’s toy

All fake branded goods that are passed off as real can be taken to the TSO.

Pressuring a consumer to buy can be classed as harassment and can be taken up by the TSO.

If an electric company starts some work on your home but does not complete it, leaving you with open wiring or dangerous electrics it can be taken to the trading standards office.


What will they do?

The trading standards office will decide whether to investigate the issue. If they do, you will be contacted for evidence and more statements. If you complain to the TSO you are not going guaranteed to be contacted immediately. The TSO often builds up evidence before moving to educate the company or prosecute. they could give you a call much later in order to compile evidence and statements.


How do I report?

You can contact your local Trading standards office by going to the GOV website and finding your local office. or you can contact the citizen’s advice bureau. They will access the issue at hand and then pass it on to trading standards if they see it as appropriate.