Working tax credit is slowly being replaced by universal credit – depending on where you live in the UK you may have already been rolled out.

If you work and are earning a low income, then you are entitled to work benefits and universal credit. This applies whether you are self-employed or work for someone else.

The benefits you get are dependent on several factors including:

Working hours include multiple jobs – so if you work more than one, then you should add the working hours together.

If you work less than 16 hours

If you work less than 16 hours a week then you could claim either job seekers allowance or income support.

Income support is a small payment made to your bank account every two weeks if you qualify for the claiming it. The amount of income support you receive is dependent on your relationship status and more.

If your partner lives with you and works more than 24 hours in a week then you will be unable to claim any of these benefits.

However, your partner will still be able to claim working tax credits – and they’ll be eligible for this whether you live together, are married or have a civil partnership.

You could also be entitled to housing benefit and council tax reductions – these allow for reductions in the cost of rent and council tax. Further claims can be made if you have children, you can claim child benefit and tax credit. This gives you an allowance per child and also gives you back the money you paid in tax per child.

You can also get help with free prescriptions, school meals and an allowance for any new children.

If you work more than 16 hours

If you work more than 16 hours a week, you are entitled to working tax credit as well as housing benefit, council tax reductions and council tax. this is all dependent on what your income and circumstances are according to if you’re living with anyone, if you’re married or if you’re in a civil partnership.

You are also eligible for all other child benefits depending on your circumstances.

There are other small allowances you can receive if:

For more information for what you eligible for and what you aren’t eligible for  seek legal advice and speak to one our team on: 0116 2999 199