As employers we can often feel the need to dismiss someone from our office, for several different reasons. Today we’ll take a look at some of the most common reasons why one feels like dismissing their employee and where you could end up as a result.

  1. Poor time-keeping: surprisingly to most, you can dismiss an employee on the basis of coming late regularly and that having an effect on their performance. If you give them several stages of warnings, and they still don’t respond you can dismiss them.
  2. They’re useless at their job: This is another for reason for dismissal. However, you have to prove that you’ve tried to give your employee help and have given them prior warning and a timescale for improvement.
  3. They lied about their qualifications and experience: If they lied or mistakenly told you an incorrect qualification you could dismiss them, however if that qualification is not necessary to their job and the employee is performing fine in their job you may not be allow to dismiss them.
  4. They refuse to wear appropriate clothing: If the employee is the face of a brand and they refuse to wear things such as hair nets then you could dismiss them. However, is they are not the face of the brand then if could be much more risky to try and dismiss them.
  5. They’ve been sick for a long time: Although this is a ground for dismissal, be careful and seek expert advice. You don’t want to discriminate against anyone. There are several things you need to prove before you dismiss them, firstly that your treatment of them has nothing to do with their disability and secondly that it was not on the grounds of disability. There are also several other things you need to prove. Therefore, you should seek some legal advice.
  6. They’ve been sentenced to prison: This is a very fine line to tread, and often employers think they can get away with simply dismissing their employees. This is not the case. If their prison term is to do with an offence and work, then dismissal is justified under grounds of conduct. However, if not, them being in prison and not able to work may simply just postpone their contract. As advised before seek legal advice.
  7. Pregnancy, don’t be fooled into thinking you can dismiss someone for them being pregnant. You cannot under any circumstance do that. You cannot dismiss them for any of the fair reasons for dismissal is they are related to their pregnancy. Such as being late for work due to morning sickness. If you wish to dismiss them for other reasons you may do so, but seek legal advice around their grounds for dismissal and conduct a thorough investigation.

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