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It’s bad news for those of us living in Band D properties, as you’ll most likely see a spike in the amount you pay. On average everyone’s council tax will increase by a huge £58. This is the largest increase in council tax payments for 8 years and due to the severe cuts central government has made over the last 6 years’ local authorities have been left feeling squeezed and in need of more money to fund services such as social care.

It’s good news for some! You have seen the ‘step up for Britain’ public awareness campaign by the government and yes low-paid workers will now be given a £7.20 per hour wage. All low-paid workers over the age of 25 are eligible for this 50p increase. However, there does seem to be some downsides to this rise as employers are now trying to make savings and jobs are being lost in the process.

The nations favourite pets are now all due to have themselves micro-chipped and logged onto databases. Stray and lost dogs cost the taxpayers and voluntary services £33 million pounds per year. This new law hopes to cut down that sum considerably and help to keep a track of authorised breeds and pets. However, some senior vets have criticized the move and have even gone so far to say the law should be ignored because of health complications to puppies.

If you’re a non EU worker in the UK and are not earning more than £35,000 you could face deportation. The five year working visas could expire faster than most had hoped. Soon there will be lots of teachers and IT professionals making their way home. This law has been highly criticised and over 100,000 signed a petition against it. Exempt from the law are those working in jobs that are on the official ‘shortage occupation list’

Unfortunately for people in England, all NHS prescriptions in will increase by 20p and the price of dental check-up has also risen by 5p but will remain free in Scotland and Wales. Also this month, a £150-Million-pound incentive has been launched to stop the overuse of antibiotics.

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