You can’t deny that getting on with every person you meet is probably not going to happen, and that at any given point you will fallout or have an argument. But when it comes to business don’t forget to be smart about it. Here are our tips for making sure your relationship doesn’t turn too sour and for managing a commercial dispute.

  1. Know who you’re doing business with

If you’re investing your time and money in a person or their business, you need to make sure you know who they are. This level of detail will obviously be dependent on how involved you are going to be with the person, but at all times keep your eyes and ears open and do your research!

  1. Do all the paperwork

Don’t dismiss the good old paperwork! TA person Filing paperworkhe formal agreement are the sold foundations you need. Even if you’re going to be working with your friend of family, make sure you have everything well documented in case of any trouble.

If you end up falling out or arguing and things get taken to court, you have good backup of all the files you’ve kept.

  1. Write things down

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘in writing’. Using formal written warnings or complaints is the best idea at all times. Once things start to go awry or not. It will come in handy evidence to if you need to prove you have tried to take action before court proceedings.

  1. Know the date

Keep a timeline or date diary. Keep all your documents dated so you can form a chronological timeline of events. This will help your solicitor build up a good image of your problem and dispute and then make it easy to put the best possible route forward.

  1. Know your losses and your boundaries

Before you go into the partnership make sure you decide where your final compromise will be. Don’t be a pushover! If something is important to you, make it non-negotiable. If your losing out on things, make sure you document them, and when you reach your final straw make sure you don’t compromise.

  1. Try being nice first

If all else fails, be nice first. Try and negotiate your way round the issues in the nicest way possible. If that doesn’t seek legal advice, and make sure to do it quickly before the situation escalates.

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