Today we’ve got 5 tips for anyone going through a divorce. We’re here to help clear the confusion and help you get through this difficult time.


Often most our first go at getting information. Google can be your friend and foe during your divorce, with some invaluable tips and blogs. (something a bit like this blog). However, it would be advised to only obtain information from well-established sites. Law firms, forums and articles are probably better places to look. Not to say that first hand divorce blogs or forums aren’t a good source either. Just check which country they are in and under which circumstances they are in. that last stress you need during a divorce is misinformation! Read our divorce myth blog here

2. Keep a friend

big teddy bear hugging small teddy in comforting hug

Personal support is of the utmost importance during divorce. It can be an emotionally turbulent time and that can result is so many negative emotions. Keeping a friend by you for moral support can really help. Take them to any solicitor meetings and any other important divorce related meetings. Being a stressful time, often events can become blurred. Having a friend to refer to and be reminded by will prove to be invaluable

3.What do YOU want

Make sure you write down what you want and stick to it. Keeping a clear goal can help the prices become less complicated, cheaper and easier. Keeping in focus is hard, but having a clear goal can be so helpful. Read our blog on 5 things you should do before you file for a divorce here.

4.Do some of the paperwork

Keep the fees down. Do any small legal tasks yourself. Inevitably you will need a solicitor, but for what you can do, do yourself. This will help keep clarity and keep your costs as low as they go.

5. Don’t forget the children

If you and your partner can work this out amongst yourselves early on, it is best. Children need to feel loved and cared for. If you are both working the hours and times need to be juggled accordingly so that they get the best deal.

Once the proceedings of divorce begin, most couples seem to break off all forms of communication, so sorting this out as soon as possible is strongly advised.

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