downloadAll of us will reach that time where we will have to write our will. When it comes to it, many people have different feelings and approaches to its creation. Some decide that using will writing templates and other unqualified resources is the simpler and straight forward option for them to take when creating this document. At this current time, this method of will writing seems to be becoming more popular and this is causing a decline in the use of the traditional and professional solicitors.

Important documents such as a will could potentionally become complex when it comes to property, tax, probate and trust. This could trigger problems to surface which would then lead to you needing to seek professional advice and help. So, why not do this at the beginning and skip all of the problems before they occur?

You should be able to provide and support for your loved ones, without the build-up of hassle as something as small as an incorrectly drafted will could cause it to be questioned and challenged, which could leave you with no will at all. Without your will as an input, it could leave distant relatives benefitting from your estate and could leave the ones closest to you with little or in some extreme cases nothing.

An everyday will writing template isn’t always for everyone. By having a fully professional and qualified lawyer at your side throughout the will writing process, you can get the assistance and the advice that you need in order to cover all aspects, which could possibly be examined or challenged. It will also give you the peace of mind to know that your will in valid and official.

By using a qualified legal practitioner, you will be supported by lawyers as well as solicitors and you will also be provided with legal insurance which would be a benefit which you could not receive from unofficial will drafters.

At Douglas Wemyss Solicitors we aim to provide you will the appropriate, legal support which you may require. Our fully qualified team are set out to provide a service which is relevant and reflects your requirements.

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