That feeling of stepping into a home and realising it’s for you is amazing, but making sure it really is the one for you is a good idea. Spotting signs of disrepair and could help save you money in the long run. Here are a list of things you should definitely watch out for:

  1. Check who is currently living there.

As strange as it seems is important to know who’s living in the house at the time, so that you can then inform your solicitor. That way there can be no doubt that that person will be made to leave the property when you move in.

  1. Parking spaces

Often, when a house looks and feels great we tend to forget the practicalities of life. Making sure you know exactly where you can park, or if you need to pay for a parking permit is a helpful factor in deciding whether the property is for you.

  1. Open the taps

Yes, open the taps and check the water is flowing well and is clear. The last thing you want to see after completion is brown water coming out your kitchen sink.

  1. Sniff the air

The smell of damp is always a good indicator of future expenses. You don’t want a nasty surprise as soon as you move in and remove an old furniture. If you can smell or know about a damp issues and are willing to pay the cost of the repair and maintenance, then go for it! But if not, avoid looking further into those properties.

  1. Is there anything being hidden?

Is the seller blocking your access from a part of the house or not allowing you to see certain things? Be astute about things that may be kept from your view…make sure you are able to access them or you inform your solicitor. It’s a wise decision to steer clear of any deals that seem distinctly dodgy and try a different property.

  1. Know your neighbours

Ask about any issues with the neighbours or any disputers. If you have young children you want to make sure they will be able to play safely in the garden or sleep well without disturbance from next door!

  1. Check the wires

Old sockets and wires that look out of place can often become costly. Also it can fast become a health and safety issue. Make sure you’re fully aware of all the facts before you make any decisions.

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