We really can’t emphasise how important it is for you to make a will. We’ve put together 3 different scenarios by which you can see how important it is to make your will, or update an existing one.

  1. So your children get what is theirs.

Mrs A married Mr B, after the death of her husband A. she inhetited an estate from A. Mrs A had 2 children from A, (1 and 2) and Mr had 2 other children of his own. (3 and 4).

Mrs A dies, and Mr B inherits the estate. Mr B then falls out with Mrs A’s children (1 and 2) and changes his will so that only his children (2 and 3) inherit the house.

Therefore, children 1 and 2 don’t receive any inheritance from their parents, Mr and Mrs A.

Make your will so that your children are guaranteed a share of their rightful inheritance.

signing of the a will


  1. Mrs O dies without making a will, her estate does not pass slowly to her husband due to intestacy rules, and some is passed to her 2 young children.

Due to that, tax was due on those parts, and the only way to pay is to sell the home.

This situation is difficult and can be avoided by talking to the right solicitors, however it is a long and complicated court process.

Make your will so that your children’s interests are protected and they can inherit what you want to leave them.


  1. Splitting your inheritance to support all

Mrs Z has a medical condition that means she needs lots of car. Her husband, Mr X dies and all his inheritance leaves for her. Due to his death Mrs Z has to move out of the house, and be placed into care. Mr Z and X has 3 children.

The estate and the inheritance was used to pay for care and treatment that Mrs Z needs. The inheritance rapidly decreases leaving the capital dwindling away.

If Mr X would have given his children a share of his property in his will, his children would still have inherited. Except now, his children will probably not inherit because the funds will all be used on their mother.


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