It’s often hard to draw the lie between telling your friends or family about the funny story that happened at work and what would be classed as you breaching their confidentially.

The question you should ask yourself before you tell would be: Will what I’m saying potentially harm my business or the client/customer in any way?

If the answer is yes. Then keep it zipped. If not go ahead and laugh about Steve who dropped tea over his keyboard.

The greatest consequence of breaching confidence is your contract being terminated. Most likely if you breach the confidence, your employer is within full rights to fire you immediately. The effects of the breach can often not be apparent immediately, but may indeed have future consequences.

You may have to pay up – yes, your employer could press charges and yes, you will have to pay up if they win. This will probably be the case if your breach has caused immediate financial harm to your origination or clients. emert-talking

Another consequence, albeit a slightly extreme one -but still plausible- could be criminal charges. This would be relevant if it has affected your employers’ intellectual property, as this is counted as theft – and therefore a criminal offence.

But often these lapses can have really big consequences for companies. Often it’s not just about sharing verbally, it can also happen in my cases where the person who has breached the confidence had no say in the matter.

As shown by these scenarios:

These types of breaches cost millions of pounds – and often they’re easily stopped. Keep your safety precautions in place, such as anti-virus and strong passwords – this should ensure your confidence and safety. Another important case to keep in mind is the user access and permissions. Bear in mind that old employees no longer need access, and their logins should be deleted as soon as they have left.

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