Today, we’ve put together 10 of the most common myths that surround divorce and separation. Time to do some Myth busting.

False. Your ex-partner can still claim claim to finical assets not matter how much time has passed between your decree absolute passing.

False. If you believed this one, you’re in for a nasty surprise. All assets start off at being spilt 50/50, however the courts have to consider a list of factors that will then decide if more goes to one of the two and to whom it goes to. The custody of the child, income, property ownership, disability, living standards, contributions to the family, conduct to one another and overall welfare. There is no set formula, in each case the decision is entirely unique.

False. In fact, if the couple handle most of the legal proceedings themselves they will avoid lots of legal fees. Also if they agree between themselves about the financial claims they don’t need to pay for the courts to sort out their assets.

False. Marriages don’t just need to end because of bad behaviour. If you prove your relationship has broken down irretrievably then a couple can get a divorce that ends the marriage peacefully. This is usually a last resort, but can end peacefully.

False. When deciding who gets custody over the children there isn’t a fixed rule. The time spent between parents can be decide amongst themselves. It’s no longer unheard of that the child goes to live more permanently with their father.

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False. If you are not married there is no automatic way to share assets. Therefore, if the relationship breaks down, one partner cannon claim rights to the others assets. It is therefore advisable that any agreements or shared assets are owned in the correct name.

False. Such behaviour would not be taken into account. Unless it has caused some sort of physical or physiological impairment.

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