It is the natural progress of any business to expand and grow, and as they do so it is also natural that offices need to be expanded in order to accommodate more staff and stock.

Often this can be a good move for employees who are looking to move or for a new horizon – however for some, it may not be a good option.

If employees are settled with families, travel and other commitments, the prospect of moving office can be daunting.

Mergers and moves happen all the time – but what is the procedure that companies must follow in order to adhere to the law?

The mobility clause

In the case of any merger, the first step would be to look at your employment contract. Your employment contract may have a mobility clause.

A mobility clause allows employers to move their employees to a certain extent unless they prove that the request to move is unreasonable.

If you don’t have a mobility clause you are free to stay and move or leave the company.

What is an unreasonable request?

Unfortunately, an unreasonable request is not defined – however, if you think it could be considered, put it to your employer. If they deny it to be unreasonable, then seek legal advice as to whether your claim will hold up during dispute resolution.

Reasons not to move include too little time to sort out commitments, young family, long commute, high travel expenses or carer duties.


If you refuse the new job, you may be made redundant. However, you’ll only receive redundancy payments if you leave due to the move being unreasonable.

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So, what does a good relocation package include?

If you’re looking to avoid redundancy then when offered a relocation package, don’t turn it down immediately. Take a look at what’s been offered.

Your employers are not compelled to provide compensation of any kind for the relocation. They may offer financial help, such as moving expenses, temporary accommodation or any legal costs.

If your job prospects look better after relocation it’s a good idea to consider taking the job if it will work out for you in the long run.

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