You may have heard of MP Phillip Davies in the news recently, and we can’t say he’s been in the papers for a good reason! In fact, quite the opposite, the PM for Shipley was found speaking at the international conference for men’s issues.

The event was organised by the ‘justice for men and boys party’ who are an anti-feminist organization. Mr Davies believed that there is clear discrimination between the sexes in court as he claims that more men are sent to prison for the same crimes.

There have been calls for him to resign or for his position to be suspended because he sits on the commons justice committee. He also mentioned that “feminist zealots really do want women to have their cake and eat it”. This then prompted a huge social media tongue in check response, with tons of women posting pictures of themselves eating cake. With the hashtag #letmeeatcake


But the question still remains…does the justice system favour women?

Jean Corston, a Labour peer, think not. Writing in The Guardian she said there was no evidence to prove this, and in fact she thinks that women are treated even more harshly than men when it comes to the justice system.

Lady Corston has previously reported to the government about vulnerable women in the justice system. And has gone so far as to say that there is ‘undisputable evidence’ that women are treated more harshly.

She gives an example of a woman who was sentenced for life, on her first offence – for wounding with intent. Corston believes this would never happen if it was a man being sentence.

She also thinks that stating that there are more men than women in prison does not prove at all that the justice system favours women.

She also mentioned that many a time the reason behind the crime, means that fewer women are put in prison. It can’t be denied and far from being a stereotype, women stealing/shoplifting to feed their children is common.

Mr Davies has since responded, quoting more facts and figures. However, the fact that that he appeared to share a platform with justice for men and boys, has since sparked critics to de-value his opinion.

Bearing in mind justice for men and boys gives out awards such as ‘lying feminist of the month’ and ‘whiny feminist of the month. It also promotes article such as ’12 reasons women lie about being raped’.

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