A statement many of us would wish we could hear about our divorce settlement. But here’s a bit more about this piece of news.

The said model is Christina Estrada, a former calendar model and clearly someone used to a very luxurious lifestyle. Her ex-husband is from Saudi Arabia and she has a daughter with him.

She had been seeking 238 Million pounds, including her assets and cash payments. She claimed that her husband needed to meet her ‘reasonable needs’ and she also stated that she understood “her lifestyle was immensely fortunate and rarefied”

Among her settlement was: £40,000 for fur coats and £60 million to buy a London home. Chriitina Estrada

After hearing that, here are a list of tips to get the best divorce settlement:

Here are things you need to have into account:


Also, bear in mind that if you’re trying to get the family home think first! Make sure you can afford it post-divorce because if you can’t there will be huge financial consequences. Downsizing is a good option and then taking a share of your partner’s pension – especially If they are the higher earner.

Next tip, don’t take everything g they say as face value. Both parties have to declare the values of their assets. However, this can be hard to calculate, and there are always ways of hiding their true value. You should get a financial adviser to look over the statistics for you.

And finally, cut your joint debit and credit cards immediately The debt will be shared and the value of it will affect your credit file. So as soon as your divorce is initiated, cut all ties!

If you find you are thinking of seeking a settlement, seek legal advice. Or if you want to know more don’t hesitate to call our team on: 0116 2999 199 or alternatively you can email us at: info@d-w-s.co.uk