One of the first questions people often ask when they have been injured in an accident and want to make a claim is how much compensation will they receive.  The amount of compensation you would actually receive, so long as your claim is successful, does of course depend upon the nature and extent of the injuries sustained, every injury is different and even two people involved in the same road traffic accident can sustain very different injuries.

There are a number of tools available for your Solicitor to value your claim, including previous cases where people have suffered a similar injury to see how much was paid out in those cases.  The Judicial Studies Board Guidelines, commonly referred to as the JSB Guidelines will also be referred to and this basically contains a price list for injuries sustained to different parts of the body.

For example whiplash type injuries sustained to the neck are a common injury following a road traffic collision and where the prognosis is for a full recovery at one year following the incident, you can generally expect to receive around £2,850.00 to £3,000.00.  Where the prognosis is for a full recovery at two years after the incident then you would then be looking at a figure in the region of  £2,850 to £5,150.00.

Back injuries are also common, for minor back injuries such as sprains, strains, and soft tissue injuries you would be looking at up to £5,150 where a full recovery is made within two years of the accident and up to £8,250 where the recovery takes longer, up to a five year period post accident.

It should be noted however there is no ‘standard’ amount of compensation for injuries, the above are just guidelines and the exact amount you would receive in respect of your own injuries very much depends on the content of the medical report that is obtained on your injuries and the prognosis period provided for a full recovery given by the medical expert in that report.

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