There’s no doubt that the usual stereotype about a lawyers is money makers. And there is no doubt that some law cases can be long and expensive. But new research and analysis around the law sector is now suggesting that law, and the economy of the law sector is helping to boost many other sectors.

So, let’s take a look. Every 1% growth in the law sector causes a creation of 8,000 jobs and £379 million is generated across the economy. That’s a great figure.  The Government is due to announce some big changes to fixed fees, and people are concerned that this will affect the 8,000 jobs and the growth of the sector and impact this in a -1% growth.


Here’s a nice statistic byte:

In other industry news, the government is set to introduce the compulsory use of client and cost management system which is an online portal, which allows civil and family aid work to be processed online. However the legal aid agency has called for this change to be delayed as the system doesn’t seem to working as efficiently as it should be and keeps crashing.

Meanwhile the ministry of Justice is taking a look at the way victim so human traffickers can access legal aid in order to sure the people responsible for their exploitation. As recent cuts have been made to legal aid, the Anti-Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit have made a claim against this. They want the government to “to realise its commitment under the Modern Slavery Act to providing victims of trafficking and modern slavery a right to seek reparations from their traffickers”

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