Landlord harassment – this is a common issue for many people who rend houses or any sort of accommodation. The reasons for this is being so common is the fact that your landlord has the right to keep a set of keys. This right can be abused in many ways – a common way is to continually interrupt the tenant by continually visiting them. Sometimes this can become very nasty when it turns into sexual harassment.

Many incidents are reported each year of this and if the siltation is dangerous or you feel threatened be sure to ring 999 immediately. You should not risk your personal wellbeing for the home you live in!

Your landlord does have the right to inspect the property, as well as make repairs that need doing – however they must give you at least 24 hours’ advance notice. This only changes in the case of an emergency, by which the landlord can have access to the property with immediate effect.

Your landlord sells the property while you remain a tenant – this is a common situation and can happen to many people – in other words what will happen is that the new owner will become your new landlord. The contract that you have signed will remain the same until the given end date. You cannot be forced to sign a new contract unless you come to the end of your old one – after which you can either sign a new one or leave. You can also be asked to leave the property if your new landlord does not want any tenants but they should let you know this in advance so that you can make preparations for new accommodation.

Gas, electricity and water – your landlord should provide these for you at all times as these are considered as ‘required’ services for all tenants. However, it is written within your agreement to either pay the bills directly or for the bills to be paid via rent to your landlord and then for your landlord to pay.


If it within your agreement for the landlord to pay the fuel bills and he does not, then you can face the prospect of being cut off. In this situation you can contact the local authority and get yourself reconnected. Or you can contact the energy company directly and ask for the bills to be rearranged to be in your name.

And lastly bear in mind – if you don’t pay your rent your landlord doesn’t have the right cut off your bills.

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