We’ve all been in that situation where someone’s stolen our great idea and gets all the credit. It’s easy to ignore when it’s something trivial. But when it comes to your business ideas, it’s important that other people can’t take your them.


Having the right type of intellectual property protection can ensure that people cannot steal your:

There are several reasons why protecting your intellectual property is important. Firstly, you can ensure that people are deterred from trying to claim your ideas and most importantly, if they do attempt to take your ideas, legal action for you will be easy and hassle free. Lastly, remember your work is an asset to you and your business, and needs just a much protection as any products you may have.

Of course, not all items can be protected. They have to meet certain guidelines in order to obtain protection. For example, the idea for a book cannot be protected however the words itself can be.

You can own intellectual property if you have created the item, or you’ve brought the rights or have a brand name that is trade mark. Bear in mind that your intellectual property can be bought and sold like regular property, can have more than one owner and can belong to one business or lots of people.

There are two types of protection you can have. Automatic and protection you have to apply for. Of the automatic rights available there are 2: copyright and design right. These are mainly self-explanatory. If you create any literary work, music or designs, you have the rights to them because you have created them.

There are 3 types of protection you have to apply for:

  1. Trademark: this is protection for logos, names and jingles (small tunes)
  2. Registered designs: Appearance of a product. Its shape, colour, packaging or decoration
  3. Patents: products and inventions

Some types protection can take up to 5 years to obtain and there is often a lot of paperwork involved. The process can be difficult, but with expert advice it can be straightforward and easy.

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