If you are a nervous first-time buyer or even an experienced old hand, the Conveyancing process can be a little bewildering. This is why we’ve listed below just a few of the key steps everybody will need to take in order to bring about a successful transaction.

The Key Steps to Conveyancing:-


  1. Seller and Buyer each instructs a Conveyancer.
  2. Purchase price is agreed and Seller’s Conveyancer will forward for approval draft contracts and associated documents to the Buyer’s Conveyancer.
  3. Buyer’s Conveyancer will then review the contracts and mortgage offer and instruct Property searches from the Local Authority. The searches are then checked once returned.
  4. The Buyer’s Conveyancer prepares a Transfer Deed for the Seller’s Conveyancer to approve and prepares to send title report and documents for signing to the client.
  5. The Buyer’s Conveyancer will procure the 10% deposit from the Buyer and exchange contracts with the Seller’s Convyeyancer with the balance of funds to follow.
  6. If there is a mortgage Lender, the Buyer’s Conveyancer will request the advance in readiness for the completion date (agreed upon exchange) and request the full balance of funds from the Buyer.
  7. On the completion date, the purchase monies are sent to the Seller’s Conveyancer. Once received, completion is considered done and the Seller’s Conveyancer instructs key release with the estate agent (if there is one)
  8. Once completed, the Buyer’s Conveyancer pays any applicable Stamp Duty and submits their application to Land Registry to register the Buyers as the new owners.


At DWS we aim to do everything to make sure the conveyancing process is as easy as possible for you.  We will communicate with you how you prefer; be that, email, post or telephone.  We will make sure your house move is stress-free, you can rely on us to make the whole process quick, efficient and painless.

If there is any part of this process you find confusing and want clarification on, or wish to obtain a conveyancing quotation please contact the office on 01162999199 option 0 or alternatively email info@d-w-s.co.uk