Summer is here! And when the sun’s out, you want to be out as well! It’s no secret that pulling sickies in summer is big business, so let’s talk about holidays for employees. The basic guide to understanding your rights.
1. What are you entitled too?
Most employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks of paid holiday. Your employer can choose whether this includes bank holidays or doesn’t include bank holidays. This is known as statuary leave or annual leave). If you work 5 days a week you’re probably entitled to 28 days. If you’re unsure of your leave entitlement, read your contract or ask your employer. If you work irregular hours use this provided irregular hours leave calculator here.

2. During this time what do you get?
You are entitled to pay and to build up leave for maternity, paternity. If you are on sick leave you can still apply for annual leave.
3. Pay. How much pay?
If you work for a fixed number of days and hours, then you get paid the same amount for those days. This applies to full time or part time work. if you work on shifts, with a fixed rate, then your pay is worked out over the number of hours you have to do a week by your fixed rate. If you don’t work regular hours, the average of your pay for the last 12 weeks would be calculated. if you weren’t paid for one week of the last 12 weeks, go back another so that 12 paid weeks can be averaged.
4. Rolled up holiday pay
Your employer cannot pay you a little extra all year round and count his is ‘holiday pay’. If your contract states this, renegotiate because this is against the law.
5. Carrying over leave
This mostly depends on your employer, some employers allow you to take leave over, while others do not. If you have 28 days’ annual leave, you can carry over a maximum of 8 days. Make sure you take a look your contract to see what your employer’s rules are about this.
6. Booking time off
Again this is employer chosen. However, the rule of thumb is to give double the amount of notice as your holiday time. Such as 2-day notice for 1 day off.
7. What if they say no?
Employers do have the power to refuse your leave request. However, they are not allowed to refuse leave at all. However, over a busy period or inconvenient times they can ask you to stay.

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