New year, new laws. Let’s take a look at 16 new laws that could soon affect you in 2016:

  1. First things first, the mandatory gender pay gap report: all businesses will be required to publish a report of the pay between male and female staff to ensure there are no differences.
  2. 1st April. Note the date down. The new compulsory living wage is coming into force at £7.20. Another victory for employees. So anyone over the age of 25, on the national minimum wage will be paid £7.20 per hour.
  3. Statuary maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental pay will be frozen. So you can be guaranteed £139.58 per week if you’re looking after and bonding with a new child.
  4. Sick pay has been frozen £88.45 per week for the years 2016 and 17.
  5. Income tax personal allowance and minimum wage linkage: if you’re on the minimum wage and are working 30 hours a week you will no longer have to pay income tax.
  6. Amendments to the equality act 2010. ‘caste’ will now be added under the definition of race and therefore anyone discriminated on the grounds of ‘caste’ will have legal ground for reporting.
  7. New state pensions act 2015 will come into force, setting out guidelines for when and how they can be given.
  8. New vaping laws. Smaller e-cig cartridges and refill containers. The EU is still considering whether they should ban them and that decision could be made sometime this year.
  9. Child payments act 2014, this will allow working parents to claim 20% of childcare cost up to a maximum for £2,000 per child. If you’re a working parent this may be good for you.
  10. Immigration: All private landlords will have to check that their tenants are eligible to live in the UK before renting to them. To crackdown of illegal immigration. There are so many other immigration laws coming out this year.
  11. Finance bill 2016. New law to crack down on off-shore tax evasions.
  12. Scotland bill: Allows for increased devolution to Scotland, with them allowed to set different rates of income tax and will apply to people in Scotland.
  13. Trade union bill. Bad news for strikers, the bill will reform striking laws.
  14. Modern slavery act: To stop the exploitation of workers and the keeping of workers like slaves.
  15. Data protection reform: The EU is to set out new guidelines around data protection. The EU commission, parliament and council have come to an agreement and the new laws should be out some time this year.
  16. Equalisation of state pension age for women. This will make the age at which a pension can be given equal for men and women.

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