In the next few months many of the motorways across England will be updated to new ‘smart motorways’.

Alongside the fines and points – you could be fined up to £100 and earn three penalty points on your licence – the potential impact on businesses could be huge.

Those who are reliant on cars/vans for their businesses will have to tread carefully to ensure they stay compliant with the law or risk their livelihood.

Smart all the way
The new smart motorways are set to bring the government even more cash through fines – with the most recent estimation at £250,000 per year.

The new roadside cameras are being tested and will most likely be set to use in March.

Fines aren’t all that come with the new smart motorways. There’s also more safety features being introduced with more information for drivers as they go along.

These will display information regarding speed limits, lane usage, possible upcoming incidents and more.

Parts of the M1, M4, M5, M6, and M42 have already been updated – and over 800,000 letters have been sent to drivers warning them of what rules they’ve broken while using the new smart motorways.

Steve Gooding, from the RAC Foundation, made a statement regarding the new roads, he said: “a welcome move, only so long as it can be delivered safely”.

He said: “The best laws are those that no-one breaks – not just because the penalties for doing so are severe. but also because they are well understood and accepted.

“We need to see a redoubling of communications by Highways England to leave no doubt in motorists’ minds as to what a red X sign means.

“It’s important that drivers understand that where the carriageway has been blocked by a collision or a breakdown, the price for ignoring the red X could be a lot higher than a fixed-penalty notice.”

The Government offers this advice to all motorists to ensure they aren’t at risk of a fine on the new smart motorways: