Undoubtedly a very stressful time for most people, the breakdown of relationships can have a negative impact on anyone’s well-being, but getting out of your relationship, if you’re married can be even harder. BrokenMarriage-660x484

Currently, there are only a few grounds for divorce in the eyes of the law;

  1. Infidelity: If your partner has intercourse with another person and as the law states ‘you cannot bear to live with them’
  2. Unreasonable Behaviors: If your partner has behaved so badly ‘you cannot bear to live with them’. These type of behaviors include: Domestic violence, drunkenness or drug use.
  3. Desertion: If your partner has left you without any given agreement or reason.
  4. lived apart for more than 2 years: You and your partner have to agree to both end the marriage. If you’ve lived apart for more than 5 years, you one partner can get a divorce without the other partner having to agree.

But that could be set to change, a new bill has been put forward by Richard Bacon MP for south Norfolk to add another reason for divorce. A no-fault divorce. MPs will debate the proposed reforms to the law, which would mean divorce would become available where both partners agreed and sign that the marriage had broken down irretrievably.

This means it will be easier to file for divorce, if you’re relationship has simply broken down. There will no longer be any need to file and prove any adultery or unreasonable behavior.

The Bill is currently in its second stage of reading but is set to be passed soon. Supporters of the bill have said that this type of divorce will help the 100,000 children a year that are caught up in them- as the resolutions will be more amicable.

These changes will be made to the matrimonial causes act and to the civil partnership act.

A main reason for this change is so that if a couple of filing for divorce, one of them does not have to admit to any wrongdoing. In some cases, people want a divorce but cannot get one because one of the parties has not done anything wrong.

Going through a divorce can be stressful for everyone in the family. And specialist advice can help you get through it. Talk to a specialist to help you navigate your way through a minefield of paperwork and correct producers.

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